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Donate HOPE.

Core integrity inc seeks to serve by sharing information about identity and its important place in intellectual, emotional, social, and spiritual health. Investing in Core integrity inc by means of a charitable contribution, helps us continue in that direction providing you — and others who may not have the financial means — with fresh ideas that seek to empower and encourage living through Core Identity. 

Heartland Trauma Institute. The professionals at Heartland Trauma Institute are experts in psychological triage. For more than twenty years, they have addressed the unique and challening issues confronting some of the most severely traumatized individuals. Your charitable tax-deductible* investment through Core integrity inc helps these hurting people through:

  • Training and consultation for therapists as they counsel survivors of extreme trauma and torture.
  • Program development for strengthening a community's capacity to respond to those who are hurting.
  • Underwriting the expenses of creating training videos and online coursework to provide therapists with the range of knowledge to deal with complex trauma dynamics,
  • Sustaining various resources: a safe forum for survivors to share what works in the healing process, an FAQ page to provide information, and a resource library that documents contexts of trauma to facilitate healing with knowledge

coins and growth.jpgThe Identity-Driven Life Forum.
Lowell Routley's desire has been to broaden the application of the Core Integrity Model to development of character and personal growth.  Having used these principles in life coaching and general counseling over many years, Dr. Routley formalized these ideas into curricula for small groups in faith communities. As Core integrity inc broadens its outreach in this venue, The Identity-Driven Life Forum will host this outreach
Your charitable tax-deductible* investment through Core integrity inc will assist this outreach through:

  • Coursework designed to be life-affirming and life-changing as it promotes spiritual growth.
  • The development of a series of teaching videos on the integration of growth and spirituality with Core Identity.
  • Training for leaders in faith communities.
  • Consultation for church boards, pastors, and congregations in need of conflict resolution or that desire program development to build a stronger faith community.
  • On-site training and assessment for leadership development.
  • The maintenance of a dynamic website with information to facilitate community for people who may be isolated from others and to empower people to live from Core Self.

*Heartland Initiative, Inc. dba Core Integrity Inc is a 501c3 non-profit organization. [

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