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What we do.

Heartland Trauma Institute is in the business of healing lives that have been impacted by trauma. In the course of its activities, three interrelated communities are addressed.

Heartland Trauma Institute:

  • Trains professionals…by equipping compassionate therapists, physicians, school and public officials, etc. as they interact with trauma survivors and promote the healing process.
  • Empowers hurting individuals…by providing encouraging answers and real solutions during the healing process.
  • Builds caring community…by educating the community-at-large. Friends, neighbors, loved ones who care enough to want to understand how trauma affects a life. And how to support trauma survivors in a meaningful way.

The separate Heartland Trauma Institute website is currently under construction. When completed, it will offer resources in the form of white papers, suggested websites, thought-provoking articles, coursework for CEU credit, discussion forums, and more. In the meantime, please visit the HTI site often to check on our progress:

We invite you to visit that site. Delve deeper into the subject of trauma. Engage in the conversation. Share your insights. Discover the healing potential through Core Identity. Grasp the reality of your own Core Self.

Please join us on this exciting and fascinating healing journey!

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