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Because of that, you can choose to view your surroundings with new eyes and recognize what is awesome. Or for that matter, awful. In those conscious moments, you will be the most in your Core Self.

The Identity-Driven Life encourages you to identify and reconnect with your Core Self. When you are identity-driven, you live as the person you were intended to be, experiencing purpose, meaning, and hope. The expression of Core Self – coming from within – provides:

  • constancy, which possessions or status lack,
  • security because your Core Self finds contentment from a genuine relationship with your Creator.

In contrast, to be defined by job, possessions, or status is to live in a persona, a social construction of self, looking outside of self for clues to identity. In point of fact, it’s relinquishing true identity (Core Self) for a cheap imitation. To approach life in such a manner is synthetic, artificial: allowing identity to be defined outside of self, by one’s environment [e.g., acquiring material possessions] and unrealistically expecting to find happiness by gaining the respect and approval of others.

For an example of how awe may bring you to experience life from your Core Self, we invite you to view a short video narrated by Francis Chan, author of Crazy Love. [To view The Awe Factor of God, please click here.] 

Lowell Routley, PhD | Executive Director | Core integrity inc

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