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      HOW TO identify your Core Self.

As you continue to explore the concept of Core Self, please take a few moments to begin a personal exploration of your own Core Self.

ASSIGNMENT 1 | Self-Assessment: First, write down the following about you...

  • Five(5) adjectives that describe you as a person.
  • Five(5) nouns that describe you as a person.

Note how adjectives and nouns describe you differently. Adjectives reflect qualities, values, and even vulnerabilities. Nouns describe what we do, the roles we play, as we relate to others while expressing our Core Self.  

ASSIGNMENT 2 | The Perception of Others: Then go to several people you know in different contexts — friends, family, co-workers — and ask them to do the same about you, to write down…

  • Five(5) adjectives that describe you as a person.
  • Five(5) nouns that describe you as a person.

ASSIGNMENT 3 | Integration: This final assignment will integrate the previous two assignments. A follow-up conversation with another supportive person (a trusted friend, a respected mentor) will facilitate the learning experience and your ultimate understanding and application of the concept of Core Self.

In addition, comparing the different perspectives – your own perspective about yourself and how others perceive you – will introduce you to the value of community, looking to community to see how your environment might see you. You’ll have a broader view of how you manifest your Core Self to those around you: Do the things you value come through in real life? Or are there some glitches? If so, this is where growth and healing come in. The Core Self comparison will offer you an important baseline that you’ll be able to work from.

FOR FURTHER STUDY. To further understand your traits or qualities, consider taking a personality inventory. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is one of the most familiar. Results can help you understand patterns or characteristics that you display. Following are two(2) different assessment questionnaires*, available free online:

Self Esteem.jpgAnother resource. Self-Esteem, Gift from God by Ruth Ward. From the Product Description: 

Improved self-esteem leads to a true evaluation and acceptance of others and ourselves. Ward challenges us to discover our uniqueness and to enjoy who we are. She encourages us to discover our God-designed temperament type in order to arrive at healthy self-esteem and self-worth. This self-acceptance automatically raises our level of understanding and lowers tension in every arena and age of life, making it “fun” to celebrate differences rather than feel obligated to think and function according to another's rules.

While out of print, this book can be purchased used through

*A disclaimer: Core integrity inc provides these links for your interest and further learning. The sites provide accurate information, in an ethical manner at this time; however, if you seek a private consultation, we cannot guarantee the reputation of the individuals. You will be able to print a summary as you read the results; for a printable personal report, a small fee may be charged. [These assessments are abbreviated forms of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. For a more in-depth assessment, please seek a professional who provides this service.]

— Lowell Routley, PhD | Executive Director | Core integrity inc

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