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What we do.

The Identity-Driven Life (IDL) concept came into existence for a very specific purpose: to offer a real way to help real people – like you – discover your authentic self, your Core Self.

By applying Core Integrity concepts in a spiritual context, the Identity-Driven Life helps people find healing in mind, body, soul, and spirit, even after lifetimes of deep emotional, intellectual, and spiritual wounds.

Our desire is to serve two audiences and impact them both for greater significance:

Individuals. On a personal level, they’ll understand themselves (and their spiritual giftings) so well, they’ll begin to serve the church body more organically, as God intended them to – not just as a “body” filling an open ministry “slot” at their church. They’ll have Core-to-Core relationships; real-life, skin-on experience in human relationships. [They’ll move beyond common social networking to the uncommon, seeing others with new eyes; relating to them meaningfully; and responding to needs more consequentially.]

The church. On a corporate level, churches will have a discipleship format that gets to the heart of authentic spiritual growth, providing a discipleship design and application that spans all spiritual maturity levels: 

  • For the new believer, it means catching and harnessing the emotional enthusiasm of someone new in Christ, solidifying it with knowledge (gnosis), then converting it to meaningful life ministry as God intended.
  • For the long-term believer, it means reinvigorating a faith walk that may have stagnated on autopilot. The potential: transforming a “comfortable” spiritual life into one that’s dynamic and significant.

Currently, IDL’s founder Dr. Lowell Routley is developing content for several new series of studies, designed to help people get real. In development:

  • Equipped to Live a Divine Life.
  • Take Your Supplements | Grow Strong.
  • The Journey from Victim to Victor.
  • All That Was Old Is New Again.

 We invite you to join us as we encourage each other to live IDENTITY-DRIVEN LIVES.

[ is currently under construction. Please check back soon.]

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