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Many who have discovered our organization and website have found a new understanding of what they have been experiencing and validation of thoughts and feelings that others could not comprehend. 

We invite you to go deeper and look into organizations, publications, and the other information provided through this site. 

Depending on your goal — healing from trauma or spiritual growth — please visit that particular division of the Core Integrity Inc organization: Heartland Trauma Institute or The Identity-Driven Life Forum.

Within each of these sites you'll find another RESOURCES tab with specific information and suggested resources to further inspire and encourage your understanding of Core Identity and Core Self, and help you continue on your journey toward healing and growth. You'll find: Articles. Publications. Websites. Books. Art. Music. Television and film. And more.

We will regularly update our RESOURCES sections as new information comes available. We also encourage you to suggest other resources that you've found helpful and healing; we may include them in the future.

We wish you the best as you heal and grow 
and live more authentically from your Core Self!

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